Ftarri / Ftarri Festival 2019

Kai Fagaschinski

Born in 1974 in Dannenberg/Elbe, Germany. The Berlin-based clarinetist and composer/performer focuses on a subtle musicality of sound and noise phenomena. As an autodidact he has developed dubious manners on his instrument. As a natural-born abstract he includes an insidious expressivity and a pre-melodic quality to his music. He operates in both systems: composition and improvisation. His preference is long-term collaborations on eye level - no leaders, no side(wo)men, no assholes.

Working bands: The International Nothing (with Michael Thieke), The Dogmatics (with Chris Abrahams), Duo with Seamus Cater, The Magic I.D. (with Christof Kurzmann, Margareth Kammerer and Michael Thieke), The Elks (with Liz Allbee, Billy Roisz and Marta Zapparoli), Baldrian Quartett (with Gaudenz Badrutt, Jonas Kocher and Christof Kurzmann) and Berlin's 24-piece Splitter Orchester.


Kai Fagaschinski on the Ftarri, Hitorri, Meenna, and Improvised Music from Japan labels

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