Ftarri / Ftarri Festival 2019

Tomoki Tai

Born in Osaka in 1982. After graduating from the music department of Osaka Yuhigaoka High School, Tai majored in cello at Tokyo University of the Arts. (He left the university before completing the course.) His experience as a listener began with classical music, and since his early teenage years he has also listened to contemporary classical, early music, and classical Japanese music. Tai performs in a wide range of formats, from solo improvisation to collaboration as a soloist in orchestral pieces, to new Noh theatre productions. He has planned and produced a number of concerts including "Aldo Clementi Solo Exhibition" and "Feldman String Quartet No. 2." He plays the viola da gamba in addition to the cello and self-made electric instruments.

Tomoki Tai on the Ftarri, Hitorri, Meenna, and Improvised Music from Japan labels

Last updated: October 5, 2019


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