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Johnny Chang

Berlin-based composer-performer Johnny Chang engages in extended explorations surrounding the relationships of sound/listening and the in-between areas of improvisation, composition and performance.

Johnny is part of the Wandelweiser composers collective and, in 2018, initiated a new framework for the presentation of creative research and performances, "Partitions & Resonances," aimed at encouraging new and ongoing collaboration between the varied disciplines of composition, musicology, historical research and performance. He currently collaborates with Phill Niblock, Peter Ablinger, Chris Newman, Michael Pisaro, Jürg Frey, Antoine Beuger, Ryoko Akama, Catherine Lamb, Radu Malfatti, Mike Majkowski, Derek Shirley, Germaine Sijstermans, Taku Sugimoto, Stefan Thut and Manfred Werder.

As composer and performer, his articulated performances have been featured in Staatsoper/ OperaLab/MaerzMusik (Berlin), Donaueschingen Musiktage, DNK Days/Sonic Acts Festival/Muziekgebouw (Amsterdam), Huddersfield University, cave12 (Geneva), Cafe OTO (London), Moments Musicaux (Aarau), Dampfzentrale (Bern), Q-O2 workspace (Brussels), Wandelweiser Klangraum (Düsseldorf), Klang im Turm (Munich), Minimal Jukebox (Los Angeles Philharmonic), Pardon To Tu (Warsaw), Umlaut Festival (Berlin & Paris), and various experimental music series/venues in Berlin such as Haus der Kulturen der Welt, KINDL Centre for contemporary art, ausland, Labor Sonor, Sophiensaele and Quiet Cue.

Johnny Chang on the Ftarri, Hitorri, Meenna, and Improvised Music from Japan labels

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