Ftarri / Ftarri Festival 2019

Klaus Lang

Born in 1971 in Graz, Austria; lives in Steirisch Lassnitz, Austria. Klaus Lang studied composition and theory of music (with H.M. Prel, B. Furrer and Y. Pagh-Paan) and organ. He loves tea and dislikes lawnmowers and Richard Wagner. Klaus Lang's music is not a means to convey extramusical contents, such as emotions, philosophical or religious ideas, political propaganda, advertisement etc. His music is not a language used to communicate non-musical content. Music is seen as a free and self-standing acoustical object. In his work he is not using sound, sound is explored and given the opportunity to unfold its inherent rich beauties. Only when sound is just sound is it perceivable as what it really is: a temporal phenomenon audible time. Klaus Lang sees time as the genuine material of a composer and at the same time also the fundamental content of music. In his view musical material is time perceived through sound, the object of music is the experience of time through listening. Music is time made audible.

Last updated: October 29, 2019


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