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Lance Austin Olsen / Bruno Duplant



  1. Coïncidence (33:00)

    mp3 excerpt: track 1

Lance Austin Olsen: guitar, field recordings, wax cylinder recordings midi organ, amplified objects
Bruno Duplant: piano & sounds

So it was the nomad walking from the isle of Skye who became a thought inside the world of Conrad’s dream.

Thoughts of vast expanses and silence, such as only you still know how to create and make us believe in them.

I, with muscles gone and fading thoughts of lives before the one that now journeys to its end with no regrets or barking hounds,

  (definitive, eternal appeasement, where the past, present and future are one)

Can feel a gentle sway of reeds against a cheek or thigh or eyelid closed by heavy memories.

Time folds, unfolds and recomposes itself indefinitely in search of the perfect formula.

A paper plane constructed with a care so clean that flight becomes a way of life and death then comes as sudden as a crash of war machines.

Fly, fly over the world as much as you can, observe and accept one day having to come down, even involuntarily.

My life stays hidden in a fragile womb of desert sands and molten gossamer, English oak leaves dried and crushed upon my pale brow and then,

In a last thought, or almost, in this very subtle moment, on the razor's edge,

When all seems bleak as endless night a firefly dances in a joyful burst before the darkness takes me home.

So, finally …

Text by Lance Austin Olsen & Bruno Duplant

Lance Austin Olsen は1943年生まれ、カナダの画家 / 作曲家。Olsen は若い時から絵画制作を続けてきたが、1997年にカナダのサウンド / ヴィジュアル・アーティストの Jamie Drouin と出会い、実験音楽への関心を高める。曲づくりは絵画と密接に結びついていて、相互にインスパイアされた制作をおこなっている。Bruno Duplant は、近年の実験音楽シーンで旺盛な創作と高い評価を誇るフランスの音楽家。

本CDには、Lance Austin Olsen (guitar, field recordings, wax cylinder reccrdings, MIDI organ, amplified objects) と Bruno Duplan (piano & sounds) による33分に及ぶデュオ演奏「Coïncidence」1曲を収録。不鮮明で弱音気味の数種のサウンドと一音一音ゆっくりと硬質に強く響くピアノ音が、対照を成しながら終始不穏なムードと共に続く。

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