Ftarri / Ftarri

Seijiro Murayama/Éric La Casa

Paris: Public Spaces

Limited edition of 500
Out on July 6, 2014
Purchase price in Japan: 1,500 yen (tax not included)
(For purchase outside of Japan, prices vary.)

Part 1: empty space (1:11)
Parc Floral (greenhouse)

Part 2: playgrounds (6:20)
Cité Universitaire / Arène de Lutèce / Parc de Bercy

Part 3: quais de la Seine (5:51)
Iles des Cygnes / Port de Suffren / Port de la Conférence / Pont de la Concorde

Part 4: corridors (6:39)
Arc de Triomphe / Cité Universitaire / BNF François Mitterrand

Part 5: ring road (6:00)
Porte de Pantin

Part 6: empty space (2:51)
Petite Ceinture: tunnel (Buttes Chaumont)

Part 7: stations (6:41)
Station Métro St Lazare / Gare St Lazare

Part 8: events (4:12)
Nouvel An Chinois (Rue du Temple) / Arc de Triomphe: ceremony

Part 9: gardens (6:18)
Cimetière du Père Lachaise / Square de la Turlure (Montmartre)

Part 10: site buildings (6:12)
Canal de l'Ourcq (Lafargue) / (Quai de la Marne)

Part 11: empty space (1:44)
Petite Ceinture: tunnel (Buttes Chaumont)

Part 12: empty space (0:51)
Parc Floral (fountain)

mp3 excerpt: track 2
mp3 excerpt: track 3
mp3 excerpt: track 4
mp3 excerpt: track 8
mp3 excerpt: track 12

Seijiro Murayama: voice, recordings
Éric La Casa: field recordings

4 channels (real time) recordings [2 stereo portable recorders]: January-June 2012
Editing: December 2013–February 2014
Mastered by Éric La Casa

Seijiro Murayama is a drummer/percussionist/voice performer currently working in Japan again after living for a number of years in France. Éric La Casa is a French sound artist well known for site-specific field recordings with a strong improvisational element. The two have been working together on numerous projects for nearly a decade. For six months starting in January 2012, La Casa and Murayama took portable tape recorders out to parks, subway stations, streets and other public spaces in Paris and separately made individual recordings in the same place and time frame, then edited the recordings. The result is the 12 tracks on this CD. Murayama frequently produced his unique vocal sounds while recording. This odd and unexpected voice sneaks into the varied and lively sounds that fill the public spaces, creating curious accents.

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